Knights of 2nd Earth

The Following is a selection from Knights of 2nd Earth: Tears of an Honorable King (Book II)

THE SCENE INSIDE of the Third Vanguard City Prison on SURFACE’s lower east side immediately cautioned Ookami that something dangerous abounded. He infiltrated the facility alone in search of Kirk Boswell, fearing that Akimitsu may have arranged for his henchmen to silence the man on trial, permanently.

“This is not good,” Ookami said to himself, observing the numerous bodies of prison staff members sprawled across the floor.

He utilized his feral senses to monitor the vitals of all those within the range of his senses. “Well that’s a relief, they’re all alive. But why are they –”

Ookami received the answer to his question once he suddenly noticed the awkward odor that saturated the air. “Knockout gas; they certainly are crafty those Akimitsu fiends.”

Ookami heard five distinctive heartbeats and breathing patterns, each one approaching a single male body harboring a heart that was beating at a dangerously rapid rate. The person was pacing back and forth, as though he was confined to a small area.

“I think I’ve found my man,” said Ookami, as he followed the scent trails that Akimitsu’s men left behind (all of which he could see as trails of illuminated ice-blue colored smoke).

“Where is this guy’s cell again?” asked the lead gas-masked man.

“Block A, cell 9; just around this corner” answered another one of the men.

“Good. I’m ready to pop this guy off and get the heck outta here. Prisons give me the creeps.” said the lead man.

“Why’s that Bruce? Did you have a bad experience in the shower?” yet another man asked, his words causing the rest of his teammates to burst out into laughter.

“Hey, I never dropped the soap. I made sure to wear it around my neck.” responded the lead man, as he turned the cell block corner and bumped into a towering white figure.

“You have, however, just dropped the ball!” said Ookami, startling the team of hitmen as he struck their lead man and sent him crashing into the wall across the walkway!

Inside his cell, Boswell was on the verge of experiencing a nervous breakdown as he wondered about the cause of the boisterous commotion outside!

“Oh God, oh God! What’s going on out there?” shouted Boswell, unable to see the chaos that befell his surroundings.

The prison cells of the Third Vanguard City Prison were unique in that they were secured by barriers of white light. The barriers allowed those standing on the outside of the cell to observe the cell’s interior. Inmates on the inside, however, could not see anything on the other side of the cell’s barrier. Such technology helped the prison’s staff better monitor every inmate’s cell activity, making the occupants think twice before breaking any in-house rules.

Suddenly, there was silence, a sound that made Boswell all the more panicky! He heard footsteps advancing towards his cell, each one growing louder than the last! The barrier was disengaged and disappeared, revealing to Boswell a sight that was much more frightening than anything he could have experienced during two lifetimes in prison!

“AAHHHHHHH!” Boswell screamed in terror at the sight of Ookami who was standing at the entrance of his cell. “Not you! Anyone but you!”

“Calm down Boswell,” Ookami commanded, speaking as calmly as he could.

“Getaway! Get away from me you mon – ” Boswell was silenced in the process of shouting his less-than intimidating commands when Ookami grabbed him by his lapel and covered the lanky squealer’s mouth.

“Shut up! As much as it pains me to do this, I’m here to help you. Now, are you going to stay quiet?” said Ookami, his cold-as-ice glare piercing a hole of fear through Boswell’s already shattered spirit.

Boswell nodded in compliance and Ookami released him. Boswell’s skin began to regain its fair tone, for he became as white as a ghost upon seeing the wolf spirit of his corrupt past!

“Help me how? What’s going on?” he asked, fighting to regain his breath.

“Akimitsu sent his goons here to kill you.”

“So I wouldn’t be able to testify tomorrow – he knows that I plan on revealing his many dirty secrets.”

“Exactly, so let’s take our leave before he sends more of his men here,” said Ookami, grabbing Boswell by the arm.

“Hey, wait for a second! How do I know that you are not here to kill me you – you – miscreant!” replied Boswell, pulling his arm out of Ookami’s grasp.

“You pompous little – Even if I were here to kill you, what would you do about it?” asked Ookami, allowing the man time to ponder the question.

Boswell allowed his eyes to wander the cell for a short amount of time before answering. “You actually have a good point there.”

“Don’t I always? Now put this on,” said Ookami, tossing a gas mask to Boswell.

“What’s this for?”

“Akimitsu’s men released sleeping gas throughout the facility’s ventilation system. This cell is the only place that the gas has not reached.”

“How did you make it here without a mask?” asked Boswell, as he placed the mask over his face.

“Because I’m not human you dimwit; no wonder you managed to get caught and arrested. Now shut up and hang on tight!” commanded Ookami, as he clutched the squirming man underneath one of his arms and took off towards the facility’s ventilation control room.

He turned on the exhaust fanning system and cleared the sleeping gas out of the prison’s ventilation system. He then headed for the 5th Sector Slums to deliver Boswell into the nurturing hands of the ALF.


Springs housing development on SURFACE’s upper south side, Owen Caldwell’s home was void of light, both the outside and the inside. Three of Akimitsu’s henchmen viewed the darkness as the prime opportunity to stealthily break into the District Attorney’s home, poison him with the lethal mist that they were given to spray upon his skin, and slip out of the house unnoticed. The plan sounded easy enough, right?

“So all we have to do is break in this guys house, spray him with that poisonous mist, and walk back out without being seen? Sounds simple enough to me.” one of the ski-masked henchmen said, standing on the home’s second-floor terrace with one of his teammates.

“It sounds simple, but I dunno – I’ve got a bad feeling about this one Brody. The last time I had a feeling like this, I ended back up in prison.” said the henchman’s teammate, looking rather paranoid.

“Are you serious? This guy’s a lawyer! He sits around and reads boring law books all freakin’ day. He’s no tough guy. Briggs is almost done in there. Once he finds the chump he’ll spray him with the juice and we’ll be outta here! I’m not worried one bit.” said Brody in confidence, foolishly thinking himself to be invincible.


“Hey bro! Did you hear that?” squealed the paranoid henchman, turning around with a shinning flashlight in his hand.

“Turn that off! Are you crazy?! You’ll give us away!” said Brody, whacking the flashlight out of his scary partner’s grasp.

“Dude, I swear to you I heard something! I think someone’s up here with us.”

“Shut up! There’s no one up – Ack!”

Suddenly, Brody was grasped around his neck and lifted off of the terrace by an overpowering force, and he fell to the ground unconscious, but still breathing! In the midst of his panic, the fallen Brody’s paranoid partner looked up to see Ivoris hanging upside down from the terrace’s rafters by her legs, bearing a smug grin across her face!


She punched the weak-kneed brute square in the face, sending him stumbling backward until he was draped over the terrace’s metal banister.

“You were right for being fearful” said Ivoris to her unconscious human punching bag.

Inside of Owen’s home, the much-unwanted trespasser, known as Briggs, strolled into his bedroom expecting his job in eliminating the star attorney to be quick and painless – was he ever wrong. As far as the hulking brute could tell, Owen was fast asleep in his bed, and all it would take to complete his assigned task would be a simple pull of his bedsheets and a deadly spritz of –
“What the?!” exclaimed Briggs, startled at the sight of a theater-style tragedy mask that was unveiled after he pulled the bed covers off of the body that he thought to be Owen’s!


The body in the bed quickly turned around to display a comedy mask and struck the man in his mid-section with a Power-Glove that sent over 16-million volts of electricity coursing through his body!


Briggs fell backward and crashed into the ground like a ton of bricks!

“Eyvone! Are you alright baby-girl?” Owen asked Eyvone, as she pulled off her double-sided tragedy and comedy printed ski mask and climbed out of Owen’s bed.

“Yeah O, I’m fine. I don’t remember telling you to come out of the bathroom though,” said Eyvone, for she had instructed Owen to hide away in his bedroom’s bathroom until she signaled to him that all was safe.

“That was crazy and dangerous! I should have never agreed to let you do that!” exclaimed Owen, checking the young woman for any injuries as though she were his little sister.

“O, I’m alright. Besides, what was I supposed to do? Let the chump come in here and kill you? That was not an option.”


All of a sudden, a white blur shot through the bedroom door. Once it came to an abrupt stop, Ivoris’ figure came into clear view.

“That takes care of all of them. Good work Eyvone. Are you well Owen?” asked Ivoris.

“Yes, I am, and all thanks to you two. I should’ve expected nothing less from Akimitsu; shame on me for giving that scum-bag the benefit of the doubt and thinking that he’d actually take the high road on this matter.”

“Well O, that’s because you’re a kind-hearted guy who likes to find the good in people, even when there is none. We, on the other hand, know better than to expect anything positive of Akimitsu.

That man would sell out Jesus to keep his power.” said Eyvone, her arm around Owen.

Ivoris lowered her power and transformed back into Corrina, dawning the same clothing that she wore before her initial transformation into the ivory maiden.

“You know, you really have to remember to warn us before you do that!” said Eyvone, referring to the unpleasant outburst of the thick blue mist that covered the area upon Ivoris and Corrina’s transformations.

“Sorry Eyvone, I forgot to check my PDU messages.” replied Corrina, as she dug through her purse for her PDU.

“You two should get going. The authorities should be here soon to pick up these creeps,” said Owen.

“Oh-ho no! We’re not leaving you with that crooked po-pos.” replied Eyvone.

“Not the city cops, the Feds. We’re going to make sure that Akimitsu pays for this one. He’s slipped through the cracks of the city’s broken justice system for the last time.”

While Owen and Eyvone discussed Akimitsu’s inevitable demise, Corrina noticed the text on her PDU display screen read that she had missed six phone calls from her father. The first thought to approach her mind was that her father discovered her absence from home and was ready to drag her back to deal out some brutal punishment! However, the voice message that she listened to over the phone told a different story; a story with a harsh reality that caused her heart to sink into the pit of her stomach…

“Corrina, pick up the phone! This is my sixth time calling you! I don’t know where you are – but your mother is in the hospital. She suddenly collapsed and I had to rush her here. The doctors still don’t know what’s going on with her, but – you know as well as I do that mom hasn’t taken very good care of herself for a while now and…”
Without a second thought Corrina transformed into Ivoris, allowing only her skin, hair, and eye color to change in appearance (since dawning Ivoris’s battle attire would require her to expel the dreadful mist that Eyvone so much despised), darted out of the bedroom, and followed James Moorer’s scent in pursuit of Vanguard Central Hospital.